Hip Joint Stretch

Areas of Concentration:
Hip Joint, Groin, Lower Back

Sit tall with good posture. Start with the legs down on the sides and feet on the foot panels in a relaxed position. Grab the PowerBench handle with both hands. Make sure that you retain good posture throughout this stretch. Push the "Splits Slow" button to slowly extend the legs out in a "V" position. Once the legs have reached a challenging and acceptable position, press the "forward-slow" button, to pull you forward, while only bending at the waist, to a challenging but acceptable position.

Breathe easily throughout this stretch. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and then press the "back-slow" button to back off and rest for 5-10 seconds. Then repeat this stretch, going farther forward than the previous time to a new position that is both a challenging and acceptable level of stretch. Again, back off and rest for 5-10 seconds.

PowerBench Tips:
Users may find that they can extend out in a "V" farther than expected in relation to their flexibility when reaching forward. Users can back off a bit on the extension of their "V" if necessary in order to achieve maximum forward benefit.

Variations such as the amount of time the user "holds the stretch", the amount of time of "rest between stretches", the number of "stretches per routine" and additional stretches should be determined by the level of the user.

Remember for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time, breathe easy, maintain good posture during this stretch. Users can take easy advantage of this position to also stretch the upper back and shoulders.

Remember the PowerBench has a built-in safety feature - simply press the "release" button at any time for a quick release of tension

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